hi, baby

today is our one year anniversary

one year, no matter to our life or our past love relationship, is not long at all

but even so, in this year at least to me , still have so many "first" and so many experience and feeling

no matter good or bad , will all become our beautiful memory when we grow old together

althought my stuborn , bad temper and sometimes the no reason depress make you have some doubt about our future

you still so patient and hope our relationship can be better and better, and i know u want me to be happy

i know you are not the type which is romantic and always careful for the partner, even sometimes i am a little angry about this, even sometimes i still expect some surprises and sweet thing, but I know from my heart, that you love me, and you will always be with me, i think this part is the part will last when we getting old

i am so excited and looking forward that we are going to move in a new flat, to me ,the feeling is really different, i love when we two do something , plan something together, of course when we chant together, i really feel our heart connect to each other through this

baby, i wish you know, i've never think about the oppturnity that i leave you and have furture with some other people..only you


so ..do you want grow old with me?


Happy anniversary


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