Down dog is always a posture of grounding, of rest. An opportunity to reconnect with the breath, to grow roots and ground and to steady the mind and lengthen the spine. when we breathe, air is drawn in and then forced out, over and over, again and again until our last day. But if we don't bring awareness to breathing with our whole lungs, we have stagnant air that remains. This residue combined with lack of proper air intake can contribute to physical fatigue. In the same way, when we hold on to the past: how someone wronged us, or a bad decision we made, this baggage is the same type of residue that manifests in the form of stress and emotional fatigue. Drop the burden by dropping your memory. Not your memory of your literal life story, but drop the memory of the wrongs, the hurts, feelings of bitterness or revenge, drop them all. Let them go. Drop your memory, release the staleness, and live with exquisite beautiful vitality 


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